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Cloud Private Branch eXchange (C-PBX) Solution

We provide C-PBX solution for unified communication features over your existing broadband connection.  The solution may allow our clients to monetize their telecom assets and become as Tier-2 service providers.  We do manage service for the solution that we provided to our customers.

Our scope of service from network planning and design -> system supply and implementation -> service testing and network commission -> SIP/PRI Interconnect -> service operation and support -> business consultant.

We partner with Global Tier-1 provider and system suppliers to accommodate the needs of our clients. In addition, you can buy the Customer Premise Equipments (CPEs) from us, such as Call Center IP-Phone, VoIP Gateway, Session Border Controller, Head Set, LAN Switches, VoIP Intercom, Paging Gateway and other network accessories.

We will configure together those products, so that you do not have the hassle of integration problem or buy the wrong CPEs. We strike to bring the world best service to your doorstep without compromise your business.

Customer Premise Equipments (CPEs)

We provide multivendors CPE for our clients to choose.  Our CPE covers IP Phone, Video Phone, Headset, VoIP Gateway and VoIP Intercom.  The CPEs used Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to connect to the Cloud PBX of Tier 1 and 2 operator.  The CPE will be located at customer premise just like a common telecom deployment.