Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


What is ROW Mobile?
ROW Mobile is mobile services that allow you to make Voice call, SMS, Video call at the FREE or local rate or lower than local rate anywhere and anytime.
What is Community package?
ROW Mobile supports communities with packages to support their activities, business opportunity, loan services in Malaysia, expand their service and business coaching. Contact
What is Traveller package?
ROW Mobile supports travellers to manage their call usage, avoid roaming charge and stay connected with their office, family and friends continuously. Long term travellers may register as our resellers or create their oversea agents to generate their income. Contact
What is Foreign Worker package?
ROW Mobile supports the cheapest IDD services, income generation by register their reseller in their home countries. Contact
What should I do to use this ROW Mobile service?
Register our service online or via our resellers, buy your credit and download our apps. Then follow the instructions.
What Kind of Mobile Phone Do I Need?
Samsung, Oppo, Sony or any other Android devices, iPhone, iPad.
Is there a difference between making a Normal Call and Premium Call?
Yes. The differences are in call quality and rates.
If I have ROW Mobile service, whom can I call?
With ROW Mobile services you can call anyone.
What Are Some Advantages of ROW Mobile?
ROW Mobile is a cost saving mobile services. User can generate their income using our services. Email to or contact our resellers for more informations.
What is the Platform available for this ROW Mobile App?
You may use most of the Smartphone, or any mobile devices (Android, & iPhone) in any countries via FREE WiFi, LTE and 3G. ROW MOBILE also provides Data Packages for our users as bundle services.
Can ROW Mobile service receive call from other telephony service?
Yes, ROW Mobile service can receive and make calls.
Can I use the ROW Mobile service when I travel overseas?
Yes, the ROW Mobile service can be used in any countries worldwide.
Where can I get the reload?
You may get the reloads online or from our Dealers, Support Centers and HQ.
How many devices can my ROW MOBILE account be registered and used simultaneously?
You may use Smart Phone, I-Pad, Tablet, Laptop and PC