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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Central Management System

Enterprise User Solutions

If you want any of the above and more, I would like to introduce you to a product called Dstation from Tilon which we are promoting across this region.

Dstation is VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solution both for SMB and Enterprise on-premise deployment as well as DaaS (Desktop as a Service) offering by ISP and Hosting Company.

It is a compelling driver for customers to deploy Smart Office in a sense of Desktop everywhere with remote computing and security compliance.

This solution offers financial advantages over other vendors, including reduced CapEx and minimized OpEx with UI/UX innovation.

According to the statistic, the biggest pain point in VDI use was in UI/UX, i.e all applications on remote Desktop need to be accessed through the same access window.

To eliminate this inconvenience, Dstation has made significant changes to improve UI/UX lag and provides this convenience through its innovative feature ‘App&Go’. With this, apps are opened as if present on local Desktop to easily do multi-tasking.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Building Block

The functional block diagram below shows how the OS and VM work across the hypervisor. Dstation leverages centrally virtualized server resources to provide user-specific Virtual desktops (VDs) and data storage based on world-class remote display protocol performance.

Service Provider System Setup

Dstation’s unique and diverse capabilities make it easy for users to take advantage of their virtual desktop experience, and the automated operations management tool – Centerpost, enables the operator to minimize complex operational issues such as VM lifecycle management, policy settings and maximize efficiency.

Personal Cloud Storage for Mobile User

Cloud Private Branch eXchange ( C-PBX )