Service Packages
Awareness of mobile technology evolution and the need of various kind of mobile users, we support the convenient and the cheapest mobile service to be used by end user. We expected that our Mobile Multiservice packages could be accepted world wide. We encourage people to gain their experiences with our product packages.

Product Features

Service Features

  • Free registration
  • Continuing of services worldwide
  • Community services
  • Any mobile network operators
  • Wide in coverage
  • Cheaper cost

End User Benefits

  • Easy
  • Extra
  • Economic
  • Enjoy
  • Enabler

Mobile Traveler ‘R’ Package

If you’re not careful, you can rack up a bill of USD150s or even USD1,500s using your mobile abroad. Receiving a call can cost as much as USD3.82/min, while in some places you’ll pay USD12/MB to surf the web – yet there are simple ways to slash the cost.

In many countries, there’s an easy trick to get free roaming simply by swapping your Sim. Elsewhere, it may be best to keep your phone turned off or stick to free Wi-fi – but if that’s not an option, ROW MOBILE offer you with our product called ‘R’ package if you go abroad. Select R product for ROW Mobile Account

Mobile Communities Package

This package is for communities to have their own mobile labelled services.  It just like Lebara Talk, IMO, Whatapps etc. ROW Mobile has the capability to develop community’s mobile service at lowest price.
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Foreign Workers Package

ROW Mobile foreign worker mobile packages introduces the benefits of cashless mobile credit to migrant workers and saves them the hassle of getting mobile credit between them and their families in their dormitory. The solution will ensure them to stay connected with the cheapest cash and unlimited time between the countries. Via ROW Mobile Multiservices, the foreign workers may enjoy other services to earn income.

Voice Wholesale

Row Mobile maintains wholesale voice termination agreements with many major Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers around the world.

Row Mobile Global Carrier Service handles a myriad of different voice products for different customers. From Tier-1 retail telcos such as mobile and fixed line providers where premium quality is the main concern to wholesale and budget service providers where low aggressive price with useable quality is more desired, Row Mobile customises our offerings to you so that it fits into your business objectives.