Our VDI Product name called Dstation

We are targeting Broadband Service Providers as our Business Partners in delivering Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) service for their Enterprise Clients.

VDI provides business continuity for Enterprise Clients by access to Virtual Desktops running on central servers anytime, anywhere through a variety of devices.

VDI also helps Enterprise Client to prevent internal data leakage, through centralized management of users’ data.

Dstation is the most optimized VDI solution for Enterprise Clients in delivering a secure cloud PC business environment for high productivity

Enterprise User Benefits

Dstation offers superior VD capacity per server, thus, significantly reduce hardware infrastructure purchase, repurchase and maintenance costs, minimizing IT facility investment costs

Reduce operational cost by automating VM lifecycle management, such as VM creation, account and policy settings, and intermediary functions through various operations management tools, including CenterPost

Through Client with Dstation’s innovative UI/UX capabilities, uers can flexibly respond to business anytime, anywhere on any device.

Data resides on the datacenter server, preventing information leakage through the client, and only pixels of virtual images are sent, blocking informations from being stolen.

System Setup for Broadband Service Providers